Saturday, December 19, 2009

Catching up - The best shots!

It's been far too long since I've updated this site and so today, while we are all snowed in (save Michael who somehow trecked through a foot of snow and quite dangerous conditions to go to work, trooper that he is), I will try my best to get as much up here as I can. Below are a batch of some of the best shots we've taken of our rapidly growing little boy who will be four months old on Christmas day and is somehow getting ready to start donning 12 month sized clothes! How much our little one has grown and grown up! He now has great control over his hands. He plays with his toys (his favorite are his glow worm and worm rattle - posts on that to come soon). He gets such a kick playing on his playmat! He has also discovered his feet and went so far the other night to put his foot into his mouth! He has a whole vocabulary of words like "agoo" which he can say with various inflections and ennunciations as well as early versions of "mama" and "dada" which are so precious. He is such a little character!

He still LOVES bathtime and loves it even more now that he has learned to splash which is always fun (until clean up time comes!) :) And he gets such a great big kick out of his jumperoo!

But the most exciting milestone to date is that Noah has found his laugh! I am not as talented at Michael as getting him to go into full-on belly laughs but I do get some good laughs when I sing him Christmas carols (his favorite is my mish-mashed version of Holly Jolly Christmas and Frosty the Snowman during which "thumpidy thump thump" occurrs every other verse lol). He also laughs when I tell him that "mommy is going to eat his feet" before I gobble them up. But when Michael has Noah on his lap, he just gets absolutely hysterical. I was so thrilled to capture this laughing fit on video a week or so ago! Whenever I am sad I play this back for myself and it always makes my day. Enjoy!

Aunt Chrissy & Uncle Anthony's Wedding

During the first week in November, we took our first family road trip up to New York to be in Aunt Christine and Uncle Anthony's wedding. The night before the wedding, Noah stayed in his first Park Avenue hotel in the big city and the day of the wedding he got to wear his very first tux. He looked very handsome! Aunt Christine could not have looked more beautiful. Noah also got to spend lots of time with Aunt Michy who could not get over how big he had gotten since the last time she saw him. While in NY, Noah was surrounded by lots of beautiful women who could not wait to shower him with affection! Sadly, I don't have many pictures (how I don't have a shot of the bride and groom is beyond me) but when I get more I will surely post them!