Monday, February 23, 2009

A Close Up Look At Baby Luns

This morning, Michael and I got a close up look at our little baby when we had our 12 week ultrasound -- our last of the first trimester, which ends next week. Although we were told we'd have to wait until week 18 or 20, we discovered that the office had failed to schedule me for a routine prenatal test that would give us the opportunity to get a glimpse sooner. Naturally, we scheduled it right away. It was a wonderful experience. In spite of all the books I've read I wasn't quite expecting to see our baby looking as "baby-like" as he or she did. All along I have pictured our baby much in the way he or she appeared in our last ultrasound... How Baby Luns has grown!

The baby seemed very peaceful and didn't move at all so it made it much easier for us to get a good look. We had the chance to get a close-up of his or her little face, nose, legs, arms and feet. Its hand was up at its face as though it was sucking its thumb. (I really hate to use the word "it" but when I wrote "his or her" it made the sentence nearly unreadable.) I can't wait to find out what we should call our baby... but for now seeing his or her face was the perfect medicine for all that's been ailing me. I recently decided to stop taking all my medicines and I am just trying to pray through the morning sickness, which was not helped by nearly 24 hours of being in the car this past weekend travelling between Virginia and Tennesee. I'm hopeful that I'll be like "most women" who see an end to the nausea at the end of the first trimester. Right now, I feel invincible! I just keep picturing that precious face. It makes it all much more bearable. Couldn't wait to share these pictures with all of you!

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