Monday, March 23, 2009

A Blessed Weekend With a Surprise Ending

Now that I have entered nesting mode, I’ve begun getting a little anxious about how life will change and how M and I will adjust to all of those changes. By the end of what had been a terrible week last week, I was feeling extremely disheartened. In no time at all we were we surrounded by so many supportive people expressing a willingness to help us out and keep us in prayer. Our Friday night Bible study group, in particular, has been a huge blessing and perfectly timed for that matter! But the blessings did not stop on Friday night!

On Saturday, M’s cousins Mark & Julie graciously gave us a bunch of furniture and various other extremely useful items that will certainly help once the baby arrives. We had a great time visiting with them and their beautiful children, especially the youngest girl who kept asking me what I thought the baby was doing every so often and who wondered out loud if the baby was walking when I was walking. She even announced at one point: "I think he's dancing!" I haven’t had much interaction with young children and so this was a very good experience for me. M and I also got to visit with his grandparents – our little one’s great grandparents-to-be. We went from having a horrible week to a wonderful weekend. It was a fast turn around!
On Sunday, the music at McLean Bible was exactly what I needed to hear in light of all that had happened in the previous week. It really spoke right to my soul and reminded me that no matter how big any of our problems seem, God is truly in control and He has a plan for good if we just trust Him and not limit Him. Lon’s sermon also echoed this message and it instilled in me even more so the need to put away whatever doubts and fears I've let creep in. I really needed to hear it. And just then, when the blessings were abounding, came another HUGE blessing: I felt the baby move! And when I mean move, I mean it felt as though the baby was practically dancing! lol

Now, all week, I’ve been suspecting that I was feeling the baby as I got little tickles and flutters that lasted a few seconds and then went away in certain isolated spots. But after the music ended (and a cup of coffee I had before church, I’m sure!) the baby was going CRAZY on the left side of my belly. I could not believe what I was feeling. Throughout the whole sermon, the baby would start moving again and I must admit, it was a little unsettling at first, I could not have been more excited! I certainly didn’t expect to feel so much movement all at once! It was like I was being attacked with tickles. I nearly came out of my seat a couple of times.

And so yesterday as I took nice long walk to get some much needed exercise and fresh air, I thought back to what Mark and Julie’s little girl had said that Sunday on her great granddad’s chair and I laughed to myself. It did feel like the baby was walking too!

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  1. That is so awesome Nan! It is truly a moment of awe when you realize for the first time you are really feeling your little blessing from God dancing around. So happy for you!